Held in Merciful Light

by Clearer the Sky

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In short – Held in Merciful Light is about dealing with loneliness. For a lengthier insight into the ideas behind the album, the best place to start is the cover art. This image attempts to portray an idea that we are all in a way born from a brilliant light – supernova – and despite the isolating, despairing reality that we often face contained within our mortal bodies – existence is a vast and wondrous thing that we all share.

In our lonelier moments, it’s easy to be consumed by darkness, frustration and woe. This album explores how we tackle that, looking inward as well as out – favouring the light, understanding and hope we find within ourselves and discovering it in others.

Our experience of anything as humans is a very subjective thing, which the album also reflects on. Which is ultimately why it’s best that people listen, read the lyrics, take in the artwork and interpret it in their own way.

Musically it follows the same path we’ve been treading for the past 10 years as a band – owing much to early 2000s US metalcore (Hopesfall, Poison the Well…) and UK post hardcore (Mahumodo, Jairus…).


released August 5, 2016

Johnathan Noble, Sean Beattie, Ewan Cameron, Ross Sutherland



all rights reserved


Clearer the Sky UK

Post-hardcore band from Scotland.

Johnathan, Sean, Ewan and Ross.

New album 'Held in Merciful Light' out now.

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Track Name: Bydand
if you could taste the deception
as it dribbles from your mouth
looking to your lips, awaiting the words
it's almost amusing
your wide-open chestnut eyes
alluring and deceiving
and always shifting
so persuasive, i want to believe every word
so seductive, illusions serve only you
struggling to align a thousand lies
your truth cracks, and trusting is foolsplay
detecting is effortless, understanding is arduous
it scares me to know that somehow you enjoy this
with your vacant head and selfish fucking heart
feeling nothing for anyone
you'll depart alone like me
Track Name: Pirriesmill
given to darkness
colder now, with weakness i cry out
how i hope my outlook will change
i once was young
slight of frame, but it mattered not
for the world wasn't so heavy back then
darkness won't consume me
hatred won't become me
weakness won't befall me
it seems so bleak inside my thoughts
and those rays seem faint
but i tell you this
i think the light is winning
Track Name: Emerge and Withstand
the problem lies within you and so i cannot let it affect me or who i am
where i am, and where i come to be, you won't get in between
who i am, and who i come to be
i can only be responsible for my own actions
pull me out, lift me up
never again shall cruel words pierce through my exterior
pull me out from the fracture in the earth that i fell into
lift me up let me stand beside my friends let them remind me
uninfluenced by anything you do
Track Name: Fortrose
the only thing harder than walking away
is not looking back
i'll show you, i'll lead the way
mistakes should be learned from
then discarded
mind infected with questions
gather them all up
residing inside each of us, reach in and extract
sorrow, fear, doubt
lust, intolerance, envy
demons to expel, reject the wrongs that limit you
long to be held in that merciful light
write down these feelings
rip them up
Track Name: Sgorr Ruadh
"always and forever" was how the contract was signed
if you could copy a feeling into someone else
maybe they would understand how you feel inside
maybe they would realise your will
words have no true meaning in this world
in this perfect moment
with my heart strings pulled so tight that i can't see dark for light
a glow i want to share
everyone that i love is there
a lifetime filled with cherished moments
will you ever know?
Track Name: Gold Dissolved in the Oceans
as soon as the eyes lock
in one single instant
a relation is born
in a glimpse
stories that can't be untold
just one glimpse
even after faces fade
of success and adventure
of worry and regret
and of will
at times you'll feel it
the warmth you once knew
in your innocent age
your angelhood betrayed
like gold dissolved
washed away
but when it returns
eyes will meet eyes
willing to recall
end the search, learn gentleness
after a while we'll find what we're looking for
and someday we may even find more
when a glance can shift into a smile
Track Name: My North, My South, My East and West
expanding our horizons without maps
without a guiding light
a daunting task to face
but fear not my friend
i will bear the brunt of collisions we face
the hits and set backs, failures
lift you up make you fearless
lift you up above this
lift you, make you fearless
without a guiding light
it's a daunting task to face
the highest height to scale
but fear not my friend
for i will lift you up
with shoulders to lift and sustain
with hope i'll side, fearless and kind
with hope i'll find the strength to clear this sky